Call for commentary proposals


To promote cross-community dialogue, the journal has launched a new type of paper, open to peer commentary. The first of these, 'A Lak of Direction' is now available early access at

Proposals (up to 250 words)  to write a commentary on this paper should include all proposal authors, the aspect of the paper you propose to comment on, and (briefly) relevant expertise you would bring to bear. Invitations to comment will also be sent to scholars whose work is discussed in the paper and to commentators suggested by authors and editors. A maximum of ten proposals will be accepted. Selection will take into account many factors, including different areas of expertise, different perspectives, and other aspects of academic diversity. 

Successful proposal authors will be invited to submit a full commentary (up to 1,000 words including abstract, key words, tables/figures, acknowledgements, and reference list ) by an agreed deadline and may be asked to participate in the reviewing process for other commentaries. Paper and commentaries will be published together in the same journal issue.

Both paper and commentaries will undergo review by the journal editors and light-touch, single-blinded review for relevance and soundness before publication.

The intention is that both paper and commentaries will be published in the August issue of the journal.