Special Section on Learning Analytics in the Age of Remote, Online and Hybrid Instruction- Call for Papers



The Special Section will be edited by the Editors-in-Chief of the journal Simon Knight, Xavier Ochoa and Alyssa Wise.


The aim of this special section is to showcase the ways in which learning analytics can help the educational community navigate transitions to remote, online and hybrid instruction. While conducting some or all instruction online is not a new phenomenon, the scale and scope which these modalities are currently being used and the breadth of populations engaging with them is far greater than ever before. As well, the speed with which these approaches have, and are, being adopted is unprecedented in recent history, creating both a need and an opportunity for data on learning processes to impact learning. The feedback loops enabled by learning analytics thus have potential for profound and immediate impact on educational systems. Additionally, there is already evidence that the effects of the recent shifts in teaching and learning have not been felt equally, with students from historically disadvantaged groups bearing a greater burden (Means et al., 2020; New America & Third Way, 2020), the issues of equity are therefore, crucial to consider in this context.


With the theme of impact in mind, the section welcomes empirical work which (a) shows ways learning analytics has helped the transition to remote, online, and hybrid modes of instruction (b) could be leveraged to support such transitions; and (c) has implications for how we should engage in these modes of instruction. In addition, we welcome analyses of gaps or ‘failures’ to impact as expected, identifying reasons for lack of awareness, uptake, and impact, either through research focusing on these issues or case studies demonstrating their implications.


Prospective authors may contact the journal editors with queries. Submissions will take place through JLA’s online submission system at http://learning-analytics.info When submitting a paper, select the section “Special Section: Learning Analytics in the Age of Remote, Online and Hybrid Instruction". All submissions should follow JLA’s standard manuscript guidelines and template available on the journal website and will undergo double-blind peer review.


  • Full manuscripts due:  April 30, 2021, Extended Deadline
  • Completion of first review round:  July 2021
  • Revised/final manuscripts due:  September 2021
  • Completion of second review round (if needed):  December 2021
  • Revised/final manuscripts due:  January/February 2022
  • Publication of special issue:  April 2022, Issue 9(1)


Means, B., & Neisler, J., with Langer Research Associates. (2020). Suddenly online: A national survey of undergraduates during the COVID-19 pandemic. San Mateo, CA: Digital Promise.

 New America & Third Way (2020). New America Higher Ed survey. New York, NY: Global Strategy Group