Early Alert of Academically At-Risk Students: An Open Source Analytics Initiative


  • Sandeep M. Jayaprakash Marist College
  • Erik W. Moody Marist College
  • Eitel J.M. Lauría Marist College
  • James R. Regan Marist College
  • Joshua D. Baron Marist College




Learning analytics, open source, data mining, learning management system, portability, student retention, course completion


The Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI) is a collaborative, multi-year grant program aimed at researching issues related to the scaling up of learning analytics technologies and solutions across all of higher education. The paper describes the goals and objectives of the OAAI, depicts the process and challenges of collecting, organizing and mining student data to predict academic risk, and report results on the predictive performance of those models, their portability across pilot programs at partner institutions, and the results of interventions on at-risk students.

Author Biographies

Sandeep M. Jayaprakash, Marist College

Learning Analytics Specialist

Academic Technology & eLearning

Erik W. Moody, Marist College

Erik W. Moody, PhD

Director, Psychology Degree Completion Program

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Eitel J.M. Lauría, Marist College

Eitel J.M. Lauria, PhD
Associate Professor and Graduate Director of IS
School of Computer Science and Mathematics

Joshua D. Baron, Marist College

Senior Academic Technology Officer

Academic Technology & eLearning




How to Cite

Jayaprakash, S. M., Moody, E. W., Lauría, E. J., Regan, J. R., & Baron, J. D. (2014). Early Alert of Academically At-Risk Students: An Open Source Analytics Initiative. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(1), 6-47. https://doi.org/10.18608/jla.2014.11.3



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