Human-Centred Learning Analytics: Design Frameworks, Tools and Techniques

Posted: 2018-04-04
The theme of the 2018 Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference (LAK18) Towards User-Centred Design — how stakeholders can, or must, be engaged in the design, deployment and assessment of learning analytics. LAK18 also held its first Participatory Design workshop. We invite contributions to this special section that explore these issues in more depth.

Special section on multimodal learning analytics

Posted: 2014-11-20
The special section on multimodal learning analytics is focused on research that discusses the salience of using data from a combination of modalities (or data streams) to enhance the field’s ability to support, understand and improve student learning. Papers can come from a variety of learning contexts, and are free to utilize any number of data sources. Additionally, papers in this special issue should feature both an in-depth presentation of any analytic approaches utilized, as well as theoretical justification for the analytic techniques and the reported findings. Finally, authors are encourage to explore new metrics and analytic techniques, and should consider reporting their findings even if they do not garner the expected results.