Human-Centred Learning Analytics




human-centred design, participatory design, co-design, human-computer interaction


The design of effective learning analytics extends beyond sound technical and pedagogical principles. If these analytics are to be adopted and used successfully to support learning and teaching, their design process needs to take into account a range of human factors, including why and how they will be used. In this editorial, we introduce principles of human-centred design developed in other, related fields that can be adopted and adapted to support the development of Human-Centred Learning Analytics (HCLA). We draw on the papers in this special section, together with the wider literature, to define human-centred design in the field of learning analytics and to identify the benefits and challenges that this approach offers. We conclude by suggesting that HCLA will enable the community to achieve more impact, more quickly, with tools that are fit for purpose and a pleasure to use.




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Buckingham Shum, S., Ferguson, R., & Martinez-Maldonado, R. (2019). Human-Centred Learning Analytics. Journal of Learning Analytics, 6(2), 1–9.



Special Section: Human-Centred Learning Analytics

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